domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Freebies come back - English version

Some people usually ask me for some ancient freebies that expired. Some of them are still possible to upload and some aren't. Sorry about that!

There are products that I offer as freebies only during a day, others during a week and there are still the ones offered forever.

Now all of them are being posted on my Store Blog and can be downloaded by 4 Shared. There is no need to register at the store. I think it's easy for everyone, including me.

So if you want, go there to see them. Everytime I can (oh... there's a lot of work to do, trust me!) I post one on that blog.

I think that I have to advertise them more, not only on Digifree. I'm going to prepare a list of sites in where I can advertse my freebies and I will do this asap. If you know about a site, please tell me ok?

Of course, to each freebie (that is a gift) I expect a comment in return. I know the majority of people have many things to do and don't have time to thank or say something about the designer work, but think about: it's very good to receive comments about our work.

I wait for your visit to my personal store. Click on the Blog tag, download what you want and tell me what you think. Let me be your scrap friend too. If possible, let me see what you do with my scrap freebies. I'll appreciate that a lot!

The link to my store blog is the following:

And if you are there, how about take a look at my products on sale at the store? Some of my products will be excluded from the store this week and never come back.

Look the new freebies that I've uploaded. And there are more everytime I have time to prepare and upload a freebie for you. I hope you like and enjoy them.

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